Kona ClubOakland’s Little Slice of Paradise. After work, take a vacation from the busy streets of Oakland without the five-hour plane ride! Inside The Kona Club, bamboo walls reflect the warm and cozy hues provided by our genuine blowfish lights, just as the moon reflects off the Pacific. In fact, every surface has something interesting on which to feast your eyes — that is, when they aren’t glued to our life-sized hula girl and her gyrating hips. If it’s a quiet game you seek, our coin-operated pool table is nestled in its own hide-away room.

If you prefer to lounge at the bar, feel free to watch the nights sporting event, your favorite retro Hawaiian movie, or an episode of Magnum PI on one of our three television screens. Weekends at The Kona Club are when the locals really come out and party.

Our eclectic jukebox featuring everything from Martin Denny to Van Halen and Mos Def to Depeche Mode, attracts an equally diverse crowd. Bond with the person next to you over a Pina Colada and an A’s game or sway shoulder to shoulder as you shout out the chorus of “Don’t Stop Believin’.” Our smoke-spewing volcano erupts without warning, just as Kilauea of the Big Island, and covers the bar in a mysterious, warm glow: The perfect backdrop to a great night.